Believing in Yourself

I have always felt and believed I could accomplish anything. I will also openly admit that I can most certainly accomplish anything if and when someone else dares to believe I can’t. Maybe that is just the stubborn dreamer in me, but I do know it to be true. First, that I can most certainly […]

Aligning to the Stars

Divine timing is a two part process that involves waiting for the stars to align, while being bold enough to reach for the stars.

With Love

Change is never easy. Be gentle with yourself and know that every transformation is the perfect gift sent to help fulfill your own unique soul journey. Guided on the wings of an angel from one realm to another, your spirit is well equipped to handle this transition. And more importantly, to handle it with compassion, inner […]

I AM Transformed

I AM from fears which try to shape me, visions which work to define me, and memories of the potential still held within.