True Colours

Do not use the excuse or mantra of God’s will or your professed status of chosen superiority to describe or justify anything in this world beyond inner and outer peace.

Time Out

If there is one surprise and blessing I have received amidst the COVID-19 pandemic it is Inner Peace.

Road Maps

We are individually and collectively ready for this change, or it would never have arrived.

The Golden Rule

I am a firm believer that change in this world begins when we individually and collectively realign to our own inner and outer balance found within the golden rule.

Into the Unknown

There has always been an element of true surrender and trust that there is a bigger picture in motion waiting to be discovered.

Enemy Lines

We are in a mandated global reset opportunity for a reason and it starts with changing our focus.

Buckle Up

Seriously people, buckle up, bear down, go within, align to your inner strength, trust in the process, and muster up the courage to hold your own during our collective birthing pains of change. WE ARE HERE.