Messenger of Change

I consider myself to be a Messenger of Change and SOULworks is my personal expression of spiritual expansion. My unique experiences within the spiritual realms embody a perspective that dares to defy current belief systems and exemplifies our potential for a better world. I am a teacher of energetic awareness and a mentor to those who wish to evolve beyond the current thought patterns of our existing reality.

As a uniquely inspired leader of higher conscious living, I utilize my time to explain co-creation at its rawest most authentic form of truth. Author of three books, Activating your SOULworks, Evolving your SOULworks, and Mastering your SOULworks, I utilize my own life stories to demonstrate our divine connection to Source Energy. My empowered but humble demeanor echoes my own teachings and conveys a message of heart-centred being.

I am a naturally evolved Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, Teacher, and Messenger of Change. I hold over 40 years of direct life experiences in the field of spiritual encounters that are both inspiring and mind bending. I am also the founder of SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre in Saskatoon, SK Canada which includes my book series and mystical store which are based on my own teachings, understandings and life lessons.

I am a self-professed messenger of enlightenment with a clear heart and life mission to guide others through this transformational time. I strive to provide reliable guidance from spirit, inspire participants through stories and mentorship, teach about the untapped potential held within humanity, and revitalize ones’ inner desire to fully activate, trust, and step into their own spiritual evolution. I offer an enchanted, soulful experience that transcends this world and takes all those present with me.

For more information on my work visit laurenheistad.com and SOULworks.pro

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