Buckle Up

Seriously people, buckle up, bear down, go within, align to your inner strength, trust in the process, and muster up the courage to hold your own during our collective birthing pains of change.


Amidst the biggest global shift of our history, this shit just got real. Fear based energies are on the rise. False doctrines are escalating. People are focused on their own betterment while ignoring the bigger picture. Political upheaval is rampant. Environmental unrest is evident. A global pandemic is rising. The world is chalked full of lies and betrayal. And the appearance of world leaders stepping forward and depicting allusions of grandeur is certainly evident – fake news btw, but certainly evident 😉

You know what else is evident??? Every day I have the pleasure of watching more souls activate, evolve and master their own SOULworks. Love based energies are on the rise. Truth is coming forward. People are digging deep and doing their own inner work to consciously create a better reality. Lightworkers are coming forward in droves. True colours are emerging. Inner and outer balance is being restored. There is a hint of celebration in the air and acknowledgement that this well documented and prophesied time has finally arrived. And most importantly a higher vibration is gaining in strength and momentum despite all appearances and current upheavals.

If you were waiting for a sign to activate, evolve and master those innate powers within, this is it. Call upon that divine essence within yourself, your community, your country, and your world to brave the changes at hand. We ARE here and it is time to write a new story. I AM.


Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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