Calm within the Storm

I feel very calm today. The interesting thing about calm energy is that it always brings a much higher level of perspective and inner peace. I look forward to the day that both my personal and our global existence holds a more calming demeanor as opposed to the upheavals we see, feel and know are underway.

Even within my own inner circle and SOULworks bubble of light, there is still much imbalance and unrest happening on a regular basis. Take last week for example. A customer walked out of the store with over $200 worth of crystals without paying. Stolen right before my very eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I was very aware they had filled their pockets with no intentions of purchasing the merchandise. I certainly felt the pangs of being kicked in the gut, betrayed by someone I even knew. I just never realized how much that betrayal would personally upset me until they were already out the door.

At the time, I was not even sure why I remained silent to the blatant shoplifting in progress. I had clearly heard the guidance they were taking items not rightfully theirs. I could feel the notable shift in energy as they believed themselves to be pulling a fast one over me. Even the altered vibration in the air was impossible to ignore or deny. Yet for some reason, having no visual confirmation of the pocketing in progress, I continued to be as polite as ever, let them buy the few dollars worth of crystals they actually did bring to the counter, and then thanked them for their business just like it was any other regular transaction.

Unfortunately, it was not until they were officially out the door that I was able to visually confirm what I already knew was causing the inner stirrings within my soul. It took considerable time to even forgive myself for not saying anything, but instead remaining silent simply because I had no proof beyond what my heart and intuition were clearly letting me know. The burden of proof was based completely on my higher awareness and in today’s world it is not always easy to call someone out for their true colours based on energy and inner knowing.

When people notably cross the boundary of another it is very easy to get mad, resentful, sad, and disappointed. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of and certainly others have no right to take what is not within their entitlement to possess, whether that is in the realm of physical, emotional or spiritual pursuits. After all, stealing is clearly one of the top ten no-nos in terms of universal law and a diligent neighborly respect for all others. Unfortunately, there are many in this world who feel entitled and worthy to receive all kinds of abundance they are not necessarily willing to work for. Like by just breathing in this world, it entitles them to take from others, manipulate, lie, suppress the path of someone else, or feel more justified in their actions then to consider the consequences they are having on the life and viability of someone else. I don’t think I will ever understand that perspective or way of being, but there is most certainly evidence all around the globe that many people only take into account their own happiness and perspectives without considering the consequences or effects their actions are having on all others.

In honesty, I think the overall vibe of imbalance and a restlessness to regain our footing within the light is one of the biggest overtones found on the earth at this time. The world and many within it are out of alignment to heart-centred living. Darkness is certainly putting up a fight to stay within our existing state of denial, leaving so many unwilling to take responsibility for their own contributions to our collective world. People are continuously pushing boundaries into the personal rights and freedoms of others. And sadly, there exists an overall feeling of hopelessness to ever create viable change.

Even for myself, my heart sank two octaves last week. First, from the blatant betrayal and sadness that comes with being taken advantage of. But secondly, because of my initial passive response and lack of using my voice of authority to create change. Or at least, that was my first reaction and personal moments of self-sabotaging thoughts after the merchandise walked out my door. But as the week went on, it became clear I actually valued my reaction and understood why my soul made the decision to stay silent for the time. First, because I could honestly and authentically find compassion and concern for the customer in question. Seriously, how naive do you have to be to steal from an energetically aware and spiritually powerful soul?!! Poor gal; she clearly has no idea who or what she is dealing with. Secondly, I was thankful for my reaction because I could remain strong and vibrant within the vibration of love without getting all vengeful or pushing back. In fact, I could uphold my own personal integrity while still giving myself full permission to clearly draw a line in the sand, declaring without a waver of uncertainty where the burden of responsibility and proof truly lies.

“May your soul bear the energetic weight and responsibility of your own SOULworks.”

In other words, I will not carry the load for her or anyone else. I am not responsible for others’ behaviours in this world or their lack of personal integrity, nor do I need to feel the responsibility or burden of proof because of something someone else has chosen for their life path. The truth is forever etched within the depths of their soul and the burden of responsibility is on each individual to uphold.

Regardless of the imbalances we clearly see, feel or know are still in progress, it is certainly possible to obtain a sense of calm within the storm. We do hold the power to create change. In fact, there are many authentic, compassionate, light-bearing souls rising from the ashes each and every day helping society regain our collective footing within the higher states of being.

Our light is the voice.
Our vibration is the calm.
Our awareness is the change.
Our love is the reckoning within this storm.

Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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