Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Man?

I think society has had it ass backwards all along and I’m not just referencing the whole man vs woman, or even savior thing for that matter. I am talking about the actual makings of peace on earth. It is like there is an underlying belief that when there is peace on earth there will finally and inevitably also be goodwill towards man. Ironically, it takes the conscious effort of goodwill towards humanity that eventually creates the infamous peace on earth we are all hoping and waiting to achieve, not the other way around.

Let’s take this concept into current affairs shall we? There are many right now who think we are going into fear by making social distancing and mask wearing mandatory. Many within society fear the peace of our very existence is being rattled by fear-mongering of the global pandemic. From my perspective that is ass backwards as well. Those who practice social distancing and mask wearing are not going into fear. They are rising above fear to believe in a more peaceful future, being present and cognizant of our current situation, and generating goodwill towards all those who are in a state of vulnerability. Those who are actually fear-mongering are those who fear they will lose their own personal power or rights in exchange for the well-being of all others. In other words, they prefer peace in their own personal world with no goodwill towards anyone but themselves. Which by the way, is not the makings of health, wellness or globalized harmony. It is the makings of more of the very same collective existence we have been experiencing for millennium.

Think I am being a bit too blunt or pointed?! Well, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, our ability to co-exist on this earth is NOT a matter of understanding we are all connected. It is the point in which we start acting like we are. Hence, it has and always will be the goodwill towards humanity that will generate peace, balance, and healthy abundance here on earth. Regardless of the widespread beliefs of one person’s ability to usher in peace on earth while providing goodwill towards all of mankind, make no mistake; it takes a global and conscious effort to generate that level of change. Further more, this inner and outer peace will never happen without first being kind, considerate, and compassionate to ourselves and all others.

Embrace the fact that we are all in this together and that together we will bring an end not only to our global pandemic but to the age of our existing fight or flight mentality awaiting to be saved. It is time to rise above the old story. Rise above the vibration that got us here in the first place and finally learn the proper channels of true individual and global healing. It is within a higher state of awareness and heart-centered perspective that the answers and healing we seek rise to the surface. Until then, I will sing it from upon high. Goodwill to humanity can and will effectively usher in more light and create peace on earth. God Speed.

p.s. Thank you to all those who continue to hear, see, and feel my truth. I am so very grateful for your kind hearts and helpful demeanor to ushering in change. I see and believe in you. Thank you for seeing and believing in me.

Love and Blessings Always,

Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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