New Beginnings

I posted my third and final podcast within the original SOULworks series back on December 19, 2022. I was looking for closure and a way to move my life path forward into new beginnings. Honestly it feels like I have been rebuilding my entire SOULworks from scratch lately, but the thing about new beginnings is that by its very definition, it means to begin anew. In fact, that is exactly what is required of the entire world during this pivotal time of inner and outer transformation. To learn from our collective experiences, purge what no longer serves us to our highest good, and begin again.

Personally, there have been many rocky moments lately as I worked through a surge of emotions while attempting to figure out what was mine to deal with, what I am truly ready to let go of, as well as what aspects of my life path are meant to move with me into those new beginnings. Full disclosure, I nearly permanently closed my doors, purged all three of my books, and practically walked away from the entirety of my SOULworks simply because my heart and spirit were broken. I’ll also be the first to admit I was losing faith in both myself and the collective world to navigate the changes at hand. And although I assume there will be many more upheavals and new directions yet to explore, here is my clarity for today: Try as a may, I actually can’t let go of the visions I have witnessed for our collective future because it is far too hardwired deep within. Nor can I successfully walk away from the entirety of my SOULworks even if I wanted to, simply because it is the accumulative whole of who I am. There is no running, hiding, stepping aside, or denying one’s life path, it just is.

So, what is it that I am looking to let go of then? What doors am I looking to close so that I can finally open a new one. Well, first I need a break from dealing with prophecy. It has been my entire life calling since 2012, and although I am still very deeply connected to both this vocation and the original scriptures, I do need to honour myself and take the time to rest and rejuvenate my spirit in the company of family, friends, and fellow lightworkers, knowing full well I have already completed and achieved what I set out to do. More importantly, I am not required to spend my days trying to convince anyone of the unique life mission I have accomplished. My books are already written. Whether the world realizes it yet or not, I have officially taken my life back, successfully closed the old biblical narrative, and allowed myself to begin living my authentic life well beyond the words, expectations, and belief systems originally written.

Second, I must officially let go of those who can’t handle my life path and messages. I’m tired of hiding my biblical entanglement of which I am most certainly and truly connected. Therefore, if you can’t handle my SOULworks, that is completely fine, but I do extend my goodbyes for a time and move forward. As I’ve said before in both my books and now podcasts, I don’t need you to see, believe in, or follow me to live my authentic life. That is your choice and always has been. I have full faith that you will learn to embody the life lessons you require, just as I have. More importantly, I have learned many times over that sometimes we just need to love ourselves enough to let those who disempower us walk away. Please do. I know I am.

Third, I need to stop treating my SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre from a business perspective because it has become an extension of my home, as well as an integral part of my story. To date, I’ve spent nearly ten years of my life utilizing this space for teaching, writing, and mentoring, while carefully realigning my individual goals and priorities every single time another aspect of my life path came into focus. I must also confess I began SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre with the intention of gathering and teaching like-minded people to help others move through their own enlightenment process. My motivation was based on a lifetime of intense spiritual experiences, and because of that, I never wanted anyone to feel as lost or confused within their own spiritual journey as I had. Reflecting back, I had no idea what I was truly creating was a safe space for my own inner healing and transformation to unfold. Like a divine clock set into motion, I forged ahead with the goal of helping all others, while inadvertently discovering my own authentic voice along the way. For that time of inner growth and reflection, I am forever grateful. This beautiful space has provided the time and security needed to awaken a dormant aspect of my SOULworks, never to be silenced again.

Fourth, I need to embrace that I am both safe and supported to officially open my books and life path to those who truly understand and fully accept me for who I am. For those rare gems who accurately see and hear my message with an open heart, I thank you. With a promise to myself to ensure balance between my personal well-being and life path, I offer my teachings through my written word as well as a limited number of intuitively guided pep talks along the way. I am truly grateful that you continue to walk beside me on this journey, and it is my honour to help you further evolve and master your own SOULworks as well as celebrate this expanded state of awareness we have arrived at together.

Lastly, regardless of whether you ever take the time to fully hear and receive my authentic message or not, I will never give up on my visions, hope, and guidance I have always received regarding a time in the not-too-distant future when the entirety of this world moves into a state of higher awareness. A time when we each start taking responsibility for our own SOULworks and rise to a new level of conscious co-creation. A time when we recognize that oneness is not the understanding we are all connected, it is the point when we start acting like we are. Which certainly does not, nor is it ever intended to mean walking in identical shoes, being void of personal decisions, or being clones of each others’ paths, by the way. It means respecting each others’ life journey, celebrating our individuality, and yet still managing to forge our collective reality in peace and harmony together. And regardless of whether people are ready to accept that collective path or not, it most certainly includes individually and collectively recognizing and taking responsibility for the many times humanity has in fact veered off that golden path of authentic balance. This requires everyone to eventually acknowledge (both in ourselves and all others), where we have lost sight of the higher truth, bigger picture, full awareness type moments, and yet still find the compassion to offer forgiveness to ourselves and all others. We must also allow both the respect and time required to embrace new heart-centred understandings, actions, and belief systems perhaps at first individually but eventually together as a unified global awakening.

Need a few examples to understand wrongs that have been righted as of late? Well, not too long ago we, as a society, were not being environmentally accountable or sustainable. Thankfully (for the most part) we are now recognizing our individual and collective mistakes and are beginning to move towards kinder, gentler choices that consciously consider our energetic footprint on this planet. Another instance of global paths changing and coming back into alignment? Well, not so long ago (and sadly still within the thought processes of some very outdated minds), women were not considered as equals. Huge mistake. HUGE. But we do have the capacity to recognize and karmically heal from this gargantuan oversight and get back on track. There has also been an overextended time within our history where teachings depicted humanity as substandard sinners requiring rescue while completely lacking the intuitive know how to individually reconnect to our divine essence held within. Which of course is complete bullshit, and not even close to our higher truth and authentic soul potential we each hold. And yes, the largest misdirect in perhaps all of time is the historical inaccuracy, generationally ingrained, and inappropriately depicted belief system that would ever place the entire world’s survival on one individual’s shoulders. Thankfully this too is starting to shift with much wider perspectives and higher truths beginning to surface.

And as I’ve spoken about for literally years now, I believe we are meant to rise to a higher level of understanding at this specific point in time which involves being kind to ourselves and all others always. More specifically, it is not about being kind enough or detached enough to let everyone walk their own path. It is about being kind enough and insightful enough to understand we are all walking our uniquely individual and yet globally interconnected path together. It is for this very reason that it is virtually impossible for me to lose hope in humanity, nor can I step back and ignore the inner callings that are certainly unique to my own SOULworks. Please accept that we are each a part of a greater cosmic puzzle shifting into focus, which of course begins with learning to trust in and walk in our own shoes and life callings without blindly following the masses. That is step one. Step two however, and perhaps the entire symbolic and higher truth of the second coming, would eventually be co-existing as equals, each walking in our own shoes, honouring and celebrating our own divine uniqueness, and yet walking together and forging new pathways towards a bigger cosmic puzzle yet to unfold.

So yes, this global transformation calls for new beginnings. We must rebuild old teachings into new landscapes of source potential. First individually, and then secondly, together. Which got me contemplating: what aspects of my own new beginnings would look completely different if I had the chance to do it all over again. You know; a second time around 😉

Well, I suppose I would skip the part where I let others influence or deny my life path and self worth. I would stand up for myself and my visions from the very onset even if that was in solitude for a time. I would set up a homebase and utilize the time to provide inspiration, encouragement, and teachings to those learning to expand their own soul potential, myself included. I would clearly and as accurately as possible voice my side of the story though written word, both documenting my unique personal accounts while re-iterating our collective accountability towards change. Next, I would open my books to the world even if it took years for all others to actually read them let alone officially hear and embody the entirety of those divinely inspired messages held within. From there, I would grant myself the reprieve and healing required to both rejuvenate my spirit and enjoy this sacred gap in time, knowing full well the larger divine timeline has already been set into motion. Of course, I would continue to hold faith, encouragement, and expectations for even better things yet to come. Why the hell wouldn’t I? I have always seen and declared our accumulative soul potential. I would vow to do everything in my power to ensure a healthy balance of personal boundaries and respectful privacy for both myself and my family’s well-being as a non-negotiable and critical component to my own SOULworks moving forward. Lastly, I would remember to fully honour, celebrate, and enjoy this very precious moment in time. Because as I’ve said from the very beginning, there is no running, hiding, stepping aside, or denying one’s life path, so I might as well step into my new beginnings and embrace the realization that I have finally and officially arrived!!

I offer a toast: here’s to embracing our new beginnings and officially turning the page. I also see and fully honour that you too, have officially arrived within our new era of consciousness, bursting with fortified collective potential. Good then, let’s put the past behind us, stand united as the enlightened souls we are meant to be, and get on with living our authentic lives to our fullest potential. Not quite there yet? No matter. I will extend a heartfelt cheers and provide you with the honour of walking your own unique path with the full knowing and clarity that not only do I see and believe in you, but that I will eventually welcome you on the other side of this glorious expansive journey we are forging together.

With love and blessings,

Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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