Heaven on Earth

I have a personal goal to create heaven here on earth for all of humanity. Big dreams I realize, but that’s just how I tend to role. Heaven on earth has been talked about, dreamed about, prophesied about, and even fought about over the ages. I’m not professing any one thought or religious belief but I do enjoy making observations and developing my own understandings and viewpoints of this world.

Christmass – ‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to stand in love, understanding, compassion and hope – always. ‘Tis the season to take Christ Consciousness to the Masses (I think I’ll coin it Christmass).

What are you waiting for?

Question is, are you going to keep spinning your wheel in the ebbs of time or are you going to catch the wave and allow your soul to flow into its own unique, inspired and instinctual ways.

The Gift of Loving Thoughts

It is time to change our thought patterns. It is time to lift the veil between heaven and earth, recognizing that we create the world that we live in and that the only thing standing in our way of living a truly inspired life is our thoughts.

Activating the Power Within

When I was in my early twenties, I was awaken in the middle of the night by an angel. A very real, loving, and calming spiritual being sent to me by God with a specific yet gentle message. “Your mom has just gone into cardiac arrest. Wake up and pray for her. Send her healing […]