Road Maps

I have been working towards finding my own inner and outer balance amidst the current global storm. It has not been easy. The changes we are experiencing demand agility, inner strength, transparency, and faith.

Within this chaos of upheaval, I decided to create a road map to help me navigate the days ahead. Not necessarily a definitive route because things are certainly changing moment by moment. More so, like personal check points along the way, taking into account my own priorities to remain heart-centred to myself and all others, regardless of where the winds of change may take us.

After much self-reflection, my road map contains a commitment to my family, my extended SOULworks family and to myself.

To my family, I vow to keep our heads above the water and only hold on to my SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre for as long as we can financially sustain. I love the work I do, the space I have created, and the time you have allowed me to find and grow into my own adventure. However, I also value and honour your own path and individual happiness within it. I will always take into account your life priorities as I navigate the next few months of my own. Thank you to my family for being the best mentors I have ever had. I consider this journey to be our life, our way.

To my extended SOULworks family, I pledge to be here for you, in modified form and services, to help navigate and work through your own inner and outer changes. I do see and believe in you and your ever expanding SOULworks. You are a brave contender within our global landscape of change champions, here to help bring our world back into alignment and heart-centred living. I honour your individual work and unique journey within our collective process. I am here for you and with you. Please feel free to call upon me as needed.

To myself, I vow to dig deep and use this sacred time to finish what I came here to do, publish my third and final book to the SOULworks trilogy. I know my writing is a huge part of my life calling. By charting my personal spiritual experiences and teachings, I am creating a road map to help all others navigate their own.

In truth, I have been delaying finishing up the loose ends to my third book for quite sometime. Honestly, I have never felt ready or capable of writing the last remaining chapters of my prophetic journey. I know we are in the times I have always talked about. I know we will come out of this global upheaval more in alignment to our individual and collective paths. I know I am called to complete this aspect of my life mission and move into the next regardless of whether I feel ready. And I am fully aware that completing this chapter of my life story does not mean THE end, it just means the end of an old historic road map ready for an upgrade. The world is ready for this change. Regardless of my own insecurities, I clearly see and believe this time has been divinely appointed to officially close The Book. We are individually and collectively ready for this change, or it would never have arrived. I vow to do my part within this sacred timeline of global transformation and finish what I started. God Speed.



Lauren Heistad

(Mastering your SOULworks coming soon).

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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