Time Out

If there is one surprise and blessing I have received amidst the COVID-19 pandemic it is Inner Peace. Not to be confused with my own mental capacity of inner dialogue. I am not talking about embodying a complete and confident demeanor about the changes at hand with grace and ease, because I have certainly had my days. What I am referring to is an official and blessed Time Out from the energies of all others, kind of inner peace.

You see, there is an interesting phenomenon happening within the collective conscious as society pulls back, retreats to their own inner worlds, and stays more focused on their own day-to-day lives, my mind has become clear, very alert, and for the most part notably still. Over the years I have taught many people how to manage their own energy field, understand what they are picking up on from those around them, open those innate senses, and truly be conscious of all incoming and outgoing energy most certainly affecting each other at any given moment. Senses that I believe we are not only meant to expand, but to understand and utilize in creating a more peaceful co-existence.

However, when those energies all around us are minimized by both social distancing and more importantly by everyone becoming more focused on their own life path instead of spending reams of time interacting with or keeping tabs on what everyone else is doing, we are given the gift of inner peace and a stronger sense of our own individual soul signature. Time spent by yourself provides the self-reflection time to stay off the collective grid and really get used to and recognize your own energy. It also keeps everyone else’s worries, judgments, opinions, and thought processes off your internal radar. Not that we can’t still harness and utilize these intuitive reflexes as an active participant in the world around us, but that by essentially minding our own business and focusing on our own soul path, the information streaming into our awareness can be minimized as everyone learns how to stay more in alignment with their own SOULworks.

Now, I love to help people learn how to sort through the clutter and to find their own way in the world. I am also a very strong proponent to being mindful of how our thoughts, intentions, and actions are affecting all others, so please don’t confuse my enjoyment of inner peace from the outside world as a reflection of my being unwilling to serve and help those around me. On the contrary, what this time has proven to my very sensitive and aware soul is that my observations and teachings over the years on how we influence each other through energetic entanglement has been completely accurate. In fact, the degree to which we affect each other is astounding and the scale to which our minds and lives can become cluttered by the thoughts, opinions, and actions of others is remarkably evident. This is our reality. We are interconnected in all ways.

However, I don’t feel that inter-connectivity has to be viewed or experienced as a detriment. Quite the opposite, I feel that if we all became conscious co-creators by learning to take responsibility for our own energetic contributions in the world while giving everyone else the grace and space to enjoy their own soul path unencumbered by our individual and collective influences, we might just get to the point where we can all feel this expanded potential of inner and outer peace. In the mean time, enjoy this blessed Time Out from our usual state of being. This re-calibration of time is a fulfillment of a deeper and much needed change.


Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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