True Colours

Over the past six months, the true colours of all people are becoming more obvious. I don’t mean the colour of our skin tone because we are all equals within the human race, each beaming with soul potential. I am talking about the true colours of all people within their individual vibrational awareness and evolution that clearly illustrates where a person’s temperament typically resides between the “I” or the “We” mentalities. It is the frequency of true colours within an individual’s soul signature that continues to segregate our society, keeping our collective potential down within the depths of fight or flight, duality, superiority complexes, and ego based mentalities.

I am very grateful to see the rise of many conscious co-creators within the “We Mentality”. Those who care about the well-being of all others, show compassion, and tackle life from the bigger perspective of a unified and global landscape. Those who understand and knowingly consider the equal rights of all people while understanding their capacity to affect the well-being of all others each and every day. To those who embody a higher level of respect and deliberate effort to be mindful, thank you.

Unfortunately, there are many within society who still reside within the outdated “I Mentality”. People who never seem to worry about how their intentions or actions affect those around them. Those who feel entitled, superior, or more worthy than another to enjoy the freedoms this world has to offer. To those still living within this narrow-minded perspective, let’s just get a few things straight shall we?!

On matters of any religious group, nation, culture, skin tone, gender, vocation of authority or financial holding bearing any type of superiority, priority, chosen status, worthiness, purity, or dominion over any other living soul on this planet: for God’s sake, grow up. It is time to understand that we are all created as equals with the capacity to equally create and connect to our source potential. There is nothing special about you that makes you greater than, holier than, more chosen than, superior than, more gifted than, or more elite than any other. Your level of arrogance and perceived self-importance is revolting on all levels of soulful achievement. The only thing segregating you from the pack is your professed importance over others. You may self-identify as being privileged, but energetically the only thing you are privileged with is an over-inflated ego. Whether you believe yourself to be within a select few of chosen potential is irrelevant. You are still mandated within universal law to treat all others with respect and equality. Suppression or dominance over another’s free will is archaic. Karmically, you still hold the vibration of a two-year old having a temper tantrum while insisting you are within the rankings of God’s favorite or chosen ones. On the bigger plain of existence, you are small in your thinking while making little to no impact or vibrational leap of raptured co-creative potential. Your long-awaited new world will never manifest on the mindset of an old-world kingdom mentality regardless of how many people are suppressed or how many photo opportunities are taken with bible in hand. It is time for an upgrade in both attitude and understanding.

To the many lightworkers, ascended masters, and kind hearted people who have gone against the grain to bring ethical standards as well as truths and understandings to this world, I commend and thank you. The entire premise of cultural or belief systems from generations past has negatively segregated men from woman, tribes from cultures, and the worthy from the perceived unworthy and is a very outdated inaccurate perception of our reality. Narrow perspectives create blockages within the collective psyche that irrevocably damage or limit our soul potential until a higher truth and full healing can occur. Thank you for being a part of this healing process. As always, it is both the individual and collective choices, vibrations, life paths, and heart placement that creates enlightenment and conscious co-creation. We must find the balance between minimizing our soul potential without over qualifying it above all others. Continue to find and restore this level of awareness among the collective.

On matters of war, territorial battles, and the ongoing pursuit of humanities misguided effort to fight, build walls, or throw your weight around, I strongly advise you to upgrade your perceptions. When perceived rights cross boundaries to negatively impact another human being, culture, environment or group, you cross a line and tip the scales clearly out of equilibrium. Do not use the excuse or mantra of God’s will or your professed status of chosen superiority to describe or justify anything in this world beyond inner and outer peace.

No one on this earth is more worthy then another or holds the right to exude power and force upon someone else. No one on this earth is more superior than another to claim sovereignty over nations, cultures, races, gender, or religion. You may believe you have the authority, highest truth, or society’s well-being in mind, but the very act of doing so in a manner that brings harm, judgments or manipulations upon another is most certainly out of balance. It is by no means holy, in the name of God, or coming from a place of love and authority. Energetically, this perspective is nothing more than pure ego and the need to dominate another beyond your rightful influence. You are not acting in the best interests of humanity. You are acting in the best interests of yourself and those who hold the same vibration of perceived superiority. And that my friends, is an outdated vibration that needs to end. We are all equals and our ability to co-exist on this planet depends on a mutual respect for all others.

To those who strive to make a difference and bring balance to this world, I see and believe in you. To those who continue to perceive a higher degree of superiority or self-worth, I see and believe in your potential too. I do, however, implore you to grow up and expand you limited viewpoint of our collective potential. It is about damn time.

(Excerpts from the forthcoming book Mastering your SOULworks by Lauren Heistad)


Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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