I’ve had many clients ask recently about my perspective on the vaccines, COVID-19, and even how I see the remainder of this global pandemic and unrest playing out. I realize everyone has the right to their own opinions, insights, and decision-making processes, but upon request here are my own personal viewpoints which I will make as clearly as possible for all those seeking guidance and support. Please also know that in no way do I intend for my personal perspectives or anyone else’s for that matter, to influence or force an agenda against the free will of another. We must all have the ability to choose for ourselves.

That being said, I more than gladly rolled up my sleeve and vaccinated myself at the very first opportunity provided and would do so again if required as a means to help ease the effects of a global pandemic on myself, the health systems, and all others. Is that because I fear COVID or potential new variants coming forward? Not at all. I believe it to be an interesting transformational agent from which society can learn and grow. Do I believe I needed the vaccine to stay safe? No, but I am a practical gal and will always keep in mind the way my actions and reactions affect all others. I work one-on-one with customers and clients every single day and will always do my part to ensure we stay a little bit more safe and secure during these times of change. I am personally not a beacon of health either and would never anticipate myself working through this particular virus with grace and ease like some have. My heart is not flawless, and my lungs have always been my Achilles heel which means that for myself, my family, and also the survival of my small business, it is far better that I do everything possible to keep myself strong and healthy.

Does that mean I am not thinking positively enough to manifest a better outcome with my own healing capacity and soul potential? Not at all. I am and have always been a strong proponent to developing the inner strength within our own energetic field and divine grace to overcome anything. However, a quick reality check begs one to understand we are certainly not always standing in our entire soul potential as of yet. We may see glimpses of that reality on occasion, but have yet to fully transcend to that higher state of awareness and embodiment on a global scale fulltime, which basically means we should also be willing to both graciously receive and provide help when capable. There is no need to be so confident in ourselves that we believe we are invincible, above the virus or too insightful to accept or provide help to others including by means of a vaccine. Having this divinely guided yet very scientific option available provides hope, a light at the end of the tunnel for many, while also opening doors to even more solutions, understandings, and empowered perspectives yet to come.

Am I worried about the unknowns or long-term side effects of the vaccines down the road? Not in the least. The energy around the original intentions and earlier dissemination of these medical marvels was absolutely breathtaking simply because it was based on working together in a co-creative effort to minimize the impact of our collective trauma. The authentic intentions behind those who worked 24/7 to help find solutions; the many workers and volunteers who were coming together to help plan and implement the availability; as well as the sheer trust and faith in working together to find an interim global solution created the biggest force field of light I have perhaps ever witnessed in all my 49 years. That type of love, compassion and respect for the greater good of society that encompassed all those willing and able to step up to the plate in an effort to assist the weak, vulnerable, and higher risk while still in alignment with individual goals and heart-centred perspectives, will in my mind always be the greater truth and path of which I will gladly take over and over again if that is what is needed as an interim solution. In fact, I would much rather be on that particular side of history then the other. Even though I don’t like getting to the point of needing to choose sides, there is certainly a huge divide within society when it comes to the mentality and perspectives around this particular topic. I send compassion and understanding to those who claim their freedoms are being exploited, conspiracies are at work, or the wellness of our society is being compromised. I get it. We all prefer and deserve the free will to choose for ourselves. However, I also give myself the respect and integrity to look clearly and honestly at the bigger picture to make an informed decision for myself and my loved ones. There is no question in my mind to the benefits of taking the road towards helping the greater good. For those who fear vaccines are not a part of that bigger picture, I encourage you to consider and feel the actual original intentions behind the medical intervention instead of the vocalized fears, opinions, or personal agendas that arose around them. Supportive intentions and utilizing our free will towards co-creative health and harmony is what actually has the potential to expand our individual and our collective soul potential, not the fear or insecurities around personally losing those freedoms. On the contrary, we are discovering and learning how to experience our soul potential at a global level.

When will things get back to normal? I don’t believe they are ever meant to and in fact I get a distinct panicked feel when I think about everything going back to the way it once was. As I’ve spoken about for years now, I believe we are meant to rise to a higher level of understanding at this specific point in time which involves being kind to ourselves and all others always. More specifically, it is not about being kind enough or detached enough to let everyone walk their own path. It is about being kind enough and insightful enough to understand we are all walking our uniquely individual and yet globally interconnected path together.

No matter what your point of view may be on the pandemic or vaccines in general, the truth to our earthly existence is that we are all interconnected within this global landscape, always. COVID-19 has just made that reality way more obvious and important to understand. My advise is to let go of all fears, insecurities or vulnerabilities that would ever suggest we can not come through these times stronger and more resilient together.

Embrace this transformational age and believe in the continued manifestation and further development of our new normal. Through these birthing pangs of change, there is a higher path of enlightenment that we will eventually not only understand, but embody to our fullest potential. God Speed.

Love and Blessings Always,

Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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