Is your SOUL in control

My entire summer has felt like one big holiday even though I have yet to take any official time off. In all honesty, I can say this is the first time this feeling has ever happened – like EVER, in my entire life. Other years I can’t wait until my holidays roll around and that relaxed state of being that comes with taking a break. Of course, I do love my work, but that is not the core of why I am experiencing this adjustment. The real reason has to do with letting my SOUL direct my daily life.

You see, holidays technically make us feel so damn good not because of the down time but because we are giving priority to our soul’s desires.

Did you hear that?! I think that is worth repeating. Holidays make us feel so damn good not because of the down time but because we are giving priority to our soul.

Life feels best when we are following our heart instead of our logic. We feel alive when we have the freedom to move when inspired. In fact, moving through life as we are inspired is the key to unlocking miracles, magic and synchronicities into our lives.

We humans tend to think we are the most advanced species on the planet and yet we are the only ones no longer utilizing our intuition on a daily basis. Can you imagine a world where animals use their logical minds instead of their instincts to make their decisions? If this were the case, birds would avoid the instinctual urge to fly north during the summer months; but instead stay home to clean the nest! Silly yes, but my point is clear. Over time, we have stopped utilizing our intuitive instincts on a day-to-day basis and have instead become completely focused on the logical mind.

Now I am not saying we should eliminate our logical mind and cognitive mental processes. What I am saying is our intuition and how we actually FEEL should be our first priority – always. Once we assess our feelings, we can then use our logical minds to help propel these moments of inspiration forward. And here’s the good part, this process can be incorporated into every component of life whether we are at work, with our family or having some alone time. We do not have to wait until our holidays roll to actually start putting our soul first.

To quote a dear spirit guide of mine, “you have to keep ignoring the logical mind and instead follow the illogical heart until you get to the point that it only makes logical sense to follow your heart.” By incorporating your own soul guidance and inspirations into each and every day, your entire life can and will feel like a coveted holiday.

Here are a few practical tips to help you create your own holiday vibe all year round:

  • Honor how you feel. Read a book when you are inspired to read. Clean your house when you are inspired to clean (if you wait long enough, the inspiration will come!). Make changes in your life when you are inspired to change.
  • If you are trying to make a big life decision, take the time to feel each scenario within your heart. Even when your logical mind does not think you have an opinion, if given the opportunity to speak, your heart will always show you how it truly feels.
  • Follow your inspirations. If you get the idea to stop by a new store in town, stop. If you are inspired to take a new class or workshop, register. If you overhear an idea that provides inspiration, follow it. Give yourself permission to live intuitively.
  • Utilize at least one day a week to be on holiday mode, moving through the entire day only when and how you are truly inspired. If this means staying in bed until you are inspired to get up, do it. If this means heading out of town on a last minute travel opportunity simply because you were inspired, go for it.
  • Give thanks for all the miracles and synchronicities in your life, big or small. These moments are helping define your life and unfolding new opportunities of magic along your journey.
  • Avoid following old patterns. When you notice you do the very same thing day in and day out, shake it up a little and inspire yourself to create a change. It is when you are not living on autopilot that you are more apt to notice the nudges and guidance along the way.
  • Always expect life to be magical and believe in the magnificent power within you and the Divine to create change.
  • Strive to make your heart priority, your mind connected to all that is, and your faith centered on the Divine. In doing so, you will begin to develop a more magical lifestyle; a state of being that is truly more logical and miraculous then first meets the eye.



Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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