The Golden Rule

I have felt very unsettled and out of sorts this past few weeks. I can only assume many have, as we work to dig deep and navigate these huge upheavals well beyond what many of us have ever experienced in this lifetime. In fact, I feel very ill-equipped to handle the changes at hand on any given moment, followed by a brief twinkling of clarity as I remind myself, I have been training and preparing for this very moment my entire life. And then back again into an ill-equipped and blindsided feeling of despair. It truly is a huge swing of emotions I am experiencing these days.

And so it was within this emotional roller coaster that I recently closed the doors to SOULworks and took 3 days off to sit in complete stillness within my mind waiting for answers to arrive and trusting in the power of the unknown (well, okay it was 4 days but let’s keep the Sabbath holy shall we). Alright, alright there was also no mind stillness either, it was a complete and utter shit show as I reviewed all options, scenarios, and available resources a thousand times over as I not so gracefully stumbled into the unknown in the hopes of weathering this storm.

I think my biggest issue this past few weeks has been that I no longer feel in alignment. You know, that sweet spot within body, mind and soul where you know you are completely balanced, clear, and working towards your soul path with utter certainty. That point in time when you question nothing, trust everything, and your ego has been sweetly silenced by the higher authority of your own inner knowing.

Nope, I was not there. Not even close. I have most certainly felt out of alignment for days. You see I can’t quite decide where to be and what to do within the situation we are individually and collectively experiencing. Should I do the right thing and close my space to protect the community? Should I do the right thing and stay open to protect my family from financial foreclosure? Would I dare to do what was only right for me? Did I even know what that would be? And was it possible there was no right way to handle this situation at all? …the hamster wheel within my mind raced on and on.

Somewhere between all the chaos it dawned on me within one fleeting moment of clarity: I have always taught that to experience inner and outer peace, we must find the balance between the “I” and the “We” mentalities; we must find and live within the middle ground of being. To be honest, until recently I have never in my entire life witnessed such a huge example of what I have been talking about all these years, then I do right now on the global platform. It is like watching two extremes playing out in real time and yet no two versions completely being in alignment with our higher truth.

First, we have the “I’ mentality team. I love them dearly, but unfortunately, these folks don’t seem to give a crap, thought, care, or moment of reflection to the greater good. They go about their daily lives as if nothing were at stake. Ignore pleas of social distancing and carry forward as if there is no one in this world more important or worthy of living a fulfilled and happy lifestyle more so then they are right now in this very moment.

Then, we have the “We” mentality team. The ones who are going to all extremes and avenues available to remove themselves from (or ingrain themselves into) every and all things worldly for the greater good of all people. They are the humanitarians of the world who see the bigger picture and strive to uphold all that is good for all people with often little to no regard as to how those actions may impact their own well-being.

Finally, we have what I am going to call the A Team, Team Alignment. The elite group of mindful vixons who have learned to find balance. The sweet spot between the “I” and the “We”. A small but growing band of conscious co-creators who take into account both factors: the bigger global community picture and the impact they wield within it, but also how they themselves fit within that equation without becoming obsolete, lose their individual footing, or forget about the important aspects of their own SOULworks. This group is represented by everyday folks who are cognizant of the balance of all things. Awake and deliberate in their intent to find alignment for themselves and all others.

Team Alignment is the frequency I strive to achieve and maintain, always. In fact, I believe it to be critical in the well-being of all things. When we are not in alignment or in balance with both our own individual needs as well as the needs of the collective, our highest good becomes compromised. When we become compromised, it means our energy fields are not as strong and resilient to dis-ease as well as other inner and outer influences. The way I see it, only focusing on the “We” mentality, where the well-being of all others is more important then our own, we are left vulnerable and depleted in energy. On the other extreme, focusing on the well-being of only the individual “I” will equally compromise the balance of all things. The best option being to find and maintain the sweet spot within Team Alignment, which simply breaks down to one golden rule: be kind to yourself and all others.

And so, it was with this mindset both logically and energetically confirmed, I found alignment back within the A Team and re-opened SOULworks. Modified of course, being still closed to the general public, and filled with new service options and private session times that would serve both the greater good as well as my own family’s financial obligations as small business owners to stay afloat, if only for another day. Equally as important, the new format takes into consideration my own needs of both rejuvenation and restoration of my own SOULworks.

The interesting part of this entire few weeks of self-reflection is that when I finally came back into alignment, the answers were just there. In fact, I was not ill-equipped or blindsided by these changes at all. On the contrary my guides had already been working out the details in the background with me for many months, I had just not recognized them as such. In fact, I had already done all the leg work to prepare both my Centre and my booking system to accommodate the changes. So much so, that at the exact moment of complete surrender and moving into the unknown, I became humbly aware that I had been working towards and fully aware of the destination all along. In those moments of grace, the pieces to my puzzle were already coming together and alignment was already in progress. The bigger picture had already been in motion without my conscious awareness. Until one day, it just was; and then the only thing left to do was to step back into the known.

It is within complete alignment with my own SOULworks (for this moment anyways), I respectfully offer my new and modified services to help others find their own way back to the A Team. I am a firm believer that change in this world begins when we individually and collectively realign to our own inner and outer balance found within the golden rule. I welcome you to find this sweet spot of re-alignment through my modified services. And if our paths do not cross at this time, I send you infinite blessings, rejuvenation and restoration in both your faith and the balance of your own SOULworks, wherever or what ever that may be.

Love and Blessings,

Lauren Heistad

About Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

My name is Lauren Heistad. I am an adept teacher of the spiritual arts, empowerment speaker, intuitive healer, psychic medium, self-proclaimed Messenger of Change, founder of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, as well as author of the books “Activating your SOULworks: a healing journey”, "Evolving your SOULworks: a miraculous journey", and "Mastering your SOULworks: a oneness journey."

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